Cussons Baby Moments Competition

Client, Industry

PZ Cussons, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Social Media
About This Project



We’d like to significantly increase awareness and sign-ups for this competition without spending much.


Objective/Expected outcome

Reduce cost per conversion and increase ROI


Results & Benefits

Sign-ups sky-rocketed to 2,500 sign-ups(compared to the expected figure which was 770) while cost per conversion went from $4.23 at the start to $1.71. Also, The Cussons Baby Nigeria Facebook page grew by 40,000 new followers with an extra 31,000 added subsequently with post reach at 699,000 (this eventually went to 2.8Million by the next edition.) Instagram following grew from 0-3006 (This eventually grew to about 16,000)