For your sake, We take delight in staying perpetually ex-CITEDD


Normal is Abnormal to us. As Explorers, we look for simple but intriguing ways to help you achieve results.


We stay true to our passion for your brand from day one, ensuring that your audience remains engaged and satisfied.

Team Work

Every step of the way, from strategy to Execution and analysis, we are a well-oiled machine with different but interconnected moving parts.


We step out of our world and into yours to first, see things about your brand the way you see them. Then, we step back into our world and help to solve your problems in our own unique and creative way to your delight.


While the foundations behind what we do remain unchanged, we are constantly evolving with you and your brand to ensure that the synergy remains and our results for you continue to maintain the highest standards.


Our differences in nationality, personalities, tendencies, perspectives and skills notwithstanding, our synergic efforts are comparable to a master baker’s mix to present you with a plethora of digital surprises.


Princewill Omorogiuwa
Chief Executive Officer

Princewill is the founder and CEO of 3rdFloor Limited and has been working in the internet marketing industry since 2007. His extensive knowledge of online marketing strategy, marketing communications, advertising and market analysis makes him an indispensable leader and a fitting head for this world class team. Princewill founded 3rdFloor to provide internet marketing and strategy services that significantly expand businesses through data-driven solutions that provide relevant insights into customer behaviour and industry trends. Prior to the founding of 3rdFloor, Princewill lectured at the London Metropolitan University as a Senior Lecturer as well as the London School of Business and Finance in the area of Marketing & Strategy. He has also lectured at Kaplan University in the field of Marketing Communications. In addition to this he is currently the CEO of Simon Page College of Marketing, the leading provider of professional business courses such as ACCA, CIM, CAM and CTH, with offices in Accra, Lagos & London. Princewill pulls from his broad base of knowledge to implement successful strategies and guide the day to day operations of 3rdFloor. Prince holds an MSc degree in Marketing from Glamorgan University as well as an MBA from Kingston University Business School. He is a Chartered Marketer and holds membership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK as well as the Market Research Society. Princewill is also Google Adwords Certified.

Tomi Ajiboye

Tomi is a seasoned marketing professional with clear knowledge and insights into the creation, execution and evaluation of critical value adding marketing initiatives. Her deep understanding of the market and expertise in digital marketing is a clear source of strength for her. Tomi’s rich work experience straddles digital strategy development and implementation, business development and general management. She currently serves as the Head of Operations at 3rdFloor Limited with the responsibility of providing oversight function for the business operations while delivering on marketing objectives for clients. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing United Kingdom.

Rosemond Abrah Adjei
Manager Strategy and Operations

With over 6 years working experience in Marketing and Business Development and a strong passion to contribute positively to organizational goals, Rosemond has worked in various areas of building new businesses, developing strategic solutions and product offerings based on the needs of existing and new client opportunities. Rosemond is responsible for all business development activities of the agency. She is responsible for providing strategic solutions for the business needs of current and prospective clients and she also partners with new clients to build new relationships for the agency. She is a true marketing professional with a passion for excellence. In her leisure time, she loves to listen to music and sing as well as spend time with friends and family. Her work colleagues love her company because she makes them laugh. Rosemond holds a Bachelor of Management Studies from the University of Cape Coast Ghana and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing U.K.

Hameed Olanrewaju
Manager, Strategy and Operations, Nigeria

Hameed’s motivation is to maintain a happy customer relations, yielding productive results for the team at 3rdFloor Digital. His enthusiasm for intellectual challenges and exploring new frontiers has yielded working successfully with clients, business coordinating and Strategy development. He currently manages operations in Nigeria.

Hameed is currently pursuing the CIM, UK certification and in his spare time, he indulges in chess, research on future trends and rock climbing. He hopes to go scuba diving, mountaineering and sky diving soon.

Tolu Aiyenigba
Social Media Management Executive

Tolu is a community Manager passionate about giving Brands and their fans a voice via social media. Through this role, she has been able to build and excitedly engage a loyal community of followers, which keeps growing for clients. When the Kogi State University graduate of Business Administration isn’t doing social customer care, she makes people happy by styling them.

Kume Akpubi
Creative Executive

Kume is a creative designer and artist at 3rdfloor Digital. He designs for web, print and mobile, telling compelling stories with every piece.

‘I love the liberty of expression that design and art offers, and I am very passionate about the finding new and effective ways to bring ideas to life’, says the man who is also a gifted wordsmith.

He loves travelling and experiencing new cultures as they provide inspiration for his writing.

Efe Ukpebor
Content Development Coordinator

The Great content writer as we like to call her, Efe is an astute web writer who deftly coordinates all content related activities while slaying effortlessly in her awesome footwear. She is a Potterhead on the lookout for the next adventure.

Mena David
Client Service Executive

Mena David is a service genius at 3rdfloor Digital where she acts as a bridge between the client and the agency to ensure client satisfaction. She is an art and music geek, a music and books reviewer as well as an editor at Indietropolis, a music review blog. She considers herself an all-round good gal with eclectic taste.

Sergina Eyang Ndemezogo
Social Media Coordinator

Sergina is a smart and talented person. Being a passionate person, she is devoted and thorough in her line of duties. Having been active in the world of marketing and being a bilingual professional, she handles our platforms that require command over some international languages. Sergina is a cheerful person, full of enthusiasm and very disciplined in her field of work. Driven not by her desire for knowledge and discovery, she will know how to bring you to the satisfaction of the different tasks you will have to entrust to her.

In her leisure time, Sergina loves to sing, dance, listen to music, read and learn about new languages and cultures.

Kevin Onyando
Visual Editor

For the past couple of years he sinks deeply in the realm of advertising and visual communication. His work applies a visual language that is thoroughly sort after yet easily assimilated.
He spends 70% of his 24hours a day in his comfy armchair expanding his knowledge and master of the Adobe Creative Suite and other design tools.
Kevin’s work at 3rdFloor happens when clients’ briefs get structured and condensed into effective static creative images or videos.

To him visual communication is neither good or bad. Rather he sees it as effective or ineffective and he is always moved by spinning the wheel around that rational framework.

“Having effective aesthetics is as vital to a brand as a great customer experience, products and people”

Shadrack Landi
Content Development Executive

A lover of writing, everything words and crazy ideas. Shad is the guy behind the screen and on the keyboard coming up with crafty copy lines to put your brand on the map. He’s a brain on steroids when it comes to generating ideas on campaigns and new social media strategies. He also dabbles in puns, good and bad. According to him the only way to live is the write way.

Joan Ruto
Business Development Executive

Joan is a seasoned marketing executive, leader and strategist. She’s an expert in business development and communications. She has great Ideas but execution is what matters, She does the execution. Joan is the calm one who doesn’t care who gets the credit. She just wants to win. She loves making new professional acquaintances.

Peter Omiwole
Creative Designer

Omiwole Peter Taiwo is a Art Director, Lover of Art, Illustrations, Manipulations, Motion Graphics and Photography.
Peter is a exceptionally skilled with a focus in cognitive thinking from a user standpoint. Peter has top-notch interpersonal skills, an extensive background in the Creative World, and is constantly learning new Design Program while finding more innovative ways of applying them in his design field.
These characteristics allow him to handle diverse responsibilities and make him a significant asset to any company. His goal is to provide outstanding value as an experienced, highly talented employee/consultant on any creative or marketing team.
Specialties: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe after effect, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Dream Waver, Digital Design, Art Direction, Product Design Development & Production.

Mercy Onun
Client Service & Account Management

Mercy Onun is an astute client service and account manager at 3rdFloor Digital. she is skilled at managing people and projects with an easy and calm demeanour akin to spreading bread on butter. A writer and teenage coach, Mercy is passionate about mentoring young girls to be the best version of themselves.

Uche Okorie
Business Development & Strategy

A thinker and catalyst for radical transformation, Uche takes all the juice that 3rdfloor Digital has to offer and uses these to present practicable solutions to clients and prospects alike. A lover of music and sounds, he is usually found with a pen because of his love for writing. He also likes speaking and meeting people.

Emmanuel Ashidam
Creative Designer

Emmanuel is a Graphic designer; a graduate from Takoradi Polytechnic who is also into Digital painter and Book publisher. He has a background of painting, innovative, easy going, love making friends, has respect for everybody irrespective of age or gender and always open to learn new concepts. Emma believes that there is nothing impossible in this world if only there is focus and dedication. He welcomes criticism positively which gives him an edge in working under any atmosphere. He is Specialties: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Muse & Cinema 4d.

Tunde Ojo
Client Service Executive

Tunde is a member of the institute of customer relationship management and currently seeing through the content service for different clients in 3rdFloor Digital as an executive. He has excellent analytical, written and oral communication skills which has helped over the years on different Social media platforms.

Selorm E. K. Gbormittah
Creative Designer

Selorm is Creative Designer who has experience in the Adobe Certified programs, and has interest in Photography and Marketing, Reserved very easy going person full of smiles. He believes digital art is the new face of marketing and also versatility in every field one should find him/herself, his favorite quote: “Everyone is capable of anything its only the mind that Holds us captive.” If at first you don’t succeed try again.

Emmanuel Aboagye Eshun
Website Development Executive

Emmanuel is a self-taught Front-end and Back-end developer with diverse set of skills, ranging from design, to HTML + CSS + JavaScript all the way to PHP.

He has been creating diverse and attention-catching web presences for a variety of clients for over ten years.

With User experience being the center of what he does, He likes to be involved at different stages of a web project, from the birth of the idea, through to sketches, design and even the front-end and WordPress build.

He builds top-notch websites with trending designs that are easy to maintain, revise and expand. He also has the capability to implement effective search engine optimisation strategies with all designs made.

Emmanuel is confident and extremely passionate about web development and design in all its’ forms and enthused about working with clients. He enjoys work that challenges him to learn something new and stretch in a different direction.

Aside web development, He enjoys watching movies (a comic book fan) and playing some good music on the piano.

User Interface Design
User Experience Design